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On behalf of the members, staff, and volunteers at Houston Metropolitan, we welcome you to our credit union family. As you may already know, Promise Credit Union Members voted to approve a merger with Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union. The merger was effective December 31, 2018 and your Promise membership will be transferred to Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union.

The merger unites two community-minded credit unions and will provide members with high-value products and consistent, quality service, as well as more physical branches and access to a large ATM network.

With the completion of this merger, your credit union will grow to approximately $63 million in assets and serve over 16,000 members across the Greater Houston Area. Founded in 1945, HMFCU was chartered for the purpose of offering benefits to all City of Houston and Harris County Hospital District employees and personnel and now includes all Promise Credit Union Members. HMFCU gives this authentic group of membership, both savers and borrowers, an economic advantage over other financial institutions with the same or similar services.

What Does that Mean for Legacy Promise Credit Union Members?

  • A New Name

    The Promise CU facility on Rookin St will be rebranded as our HMFCU Promise Branch.

  • A New Debit Card

    You will receive or have received a new debit card. This new card can be used beginning April 2, 2019.

  • More Branches You Can Visit

    You may perform transactions at any of three Houston Metropolitan locations.

  • A New Account Number

    Your account number will slightly change. We are adding “099” and leading 0’s to the beginning of your account number for a total of 10 numbers. For example, if your account number is currently “12345”, the new account number will be “0990012345.” If your account number is 123456, your new account number will be “0990123456.”

  • New Online Banking and Bill Pay

    With your new account number in hand, effective April 2, you will need to register for your new online banking and bill pay experience. You’ll be able to view your balance, transaction history, use our online bill pay, and have access to our mobile app. Enroll in online banking here by following this link and clicking “Not Enrolled? Enroll Today!”

Moving Forward

HMFCU remains dedicated to the mission of providing excellent products and services that will improve not only each member’s financial health but also the surrounding communities through financial services and education. HMFCU’s desire is to help members achieve economic freedom.

 We look forward to serving you. Welcome to Houston Metropolitan!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be a member of a larger and more dynamic financial institution with more resources. This allows us to bring you more innovative products along with service enhancements that offer ease of use and convenience while delivering them at a faster pace.

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